Paolo Del Giudice

Structural changes

Paolo Del Giudice is a painter who loves and suffers the frailness of existence. Looking at his paintings, one has the impression of seeing various natural and artistic forms appear out of nowhere. These forms never become paralyzed in definite certainties or invulnerable consistency.


The “Pleasant Illusions” of OCCHIOMAGICO

"Words are places. Even when we are silent, we find ourselves travelling."

Words are stories that photography helps me to represent by constructing invented theatres, contrary to its documentary nature, at the same time assisting me with its Magical Realism.

027 1979 Nuotatore_3.400€


April 2013, exhibition in “Tatteljee”, Essen, Belgium

With Luka Stojnic, Giuseppe Dall’Arche, Matija DebeljuhStatica#2 represents a specific cooperation project among contemporary artists from the Region of Istria and the Veneto Region based on themes regarding nature, identity, a common ecosystem and social space using the landscape as a natural environment, artistic structure and cultural form [...]