About us

Vision in Motion is a new Gallery dedicated to Photography, as well as to other Contemporary Art Works, designed to become key furniture elements standing out in private houses, offices, shops and other businesses. Sometimes an original printout or another valuable work is enough to enhance the flavour of a place, as long as the choice made is consistent with the premises, having an effective aesthetic impact.

In Vision in Motion are exhibited paintings, sculptures, engravings and – on top of all – art photographs, capable to interpret the mind and meet the taste of interior designers. Upon request the Gallery also offers scenographic consulting services, aimed at identifying the best images to suit specific space contexts.

Vision in Motion offers the innovative opportunity to apply images on furniture elements, even of large dimensions. It’s possible to duplicate those pictures or drawings chosen by commitments on furniture, fabrics and objects or even on entire walls, thanks to the most advanced technologies and to a network of skilled craftsmen, learned in different materials manufacturing. In such a way, unique and customized pieces of Art, having contemporary and crisp features, are obtained. They can become a precious resource not only for interior designers and architects, but also for anyone else, who is willing to create an exclusive setting with evocative art elements.

Vision in motion pivot on Giuseppe Dall’Arche, a professional Photographer, graduated in Scenography at Venice Academy of Arts, well-known for his architecture and landscape representations, printed on several books and often reproduced on Photography magazines. Dall’Arche works at the highest technological level with optical benches, large format films or digital supports of the latest generation, in order to obtain highly-detailed and perspective-controlled pictures. Thanks to his instrumentation, Giuseppe is able to deliver different photographic services, on different subjects and for many uses or purposes.