April 2013, exhibition in “Tatteljee”, Essen, Belgium


With Luka Stojnic / Giuseppe Dall’Arche / Matija Debeljuh. 

“The landscape seen as a product of Western culture enables the mediation of relations between man and nature (the outer world), as models of human conceptualization of nature representing different moods and complex relationships. The three different artistic positions – performed by Luka Stojnic, Giuseppe Dall’Arche and Matija Debeljuh – show similar worldviews. They communicate, meet in some places, share common poetics and approach the exhibition as a place of encounter and dialogue.

Statica#2 represents a specific cooperation project among contemporary artists from the Region of Istria and the Veneto Region based on themes regarding nature, identity, a common ecosystem and social space using the landscape as a natural environment, artistic structure and cultural form.
The artists explore, on various ways, the processuality of materials, its susceptibility to change, while noting each of them on their own the alterations that occur, articulating art and creation as processes of transforming shapes, including the processes of seeing and perception, such as the visual and mental articulation.

These correlations are expressed through sculpture (Stojnić), photography (Dall’Arche) and through moving images, such as a documentary video (Debeljuh). The three authors problematize the correlations of nature, history and identity in one specific location – in the area of the municipality of Momjan. They do so in different ways and through different media, tools and art language.
The sculptures of Stojnić, the choice of material, as well as the place where it comes from (Argilla, in it. argilla – clay) represent the reference framework and correspond to the focal location around which the narrative of the exhibition is structured. Acting jointly on the project, being inserted into a specific location as a place of reflection, the landscape becomes the place of questioning about the interrelationship between interterritorial space, history, memory and identity.”

(Branka Bencic)

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