Walter Davanzo

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Walter Davanzo was born and lives in Treviso. After graduating from technical high school he enrolled at D.A.M.S. in  Bologna, devoting himself mainly to painting and photography two years later.  He is particularly interested in German expressionism in both in painting and cinema. After an initial informal abstract phase, Davanzo directed his painting with strong gestural components towards a free and ingenuous figurative art made up of grotesque fantasy images between dreams and reality, with references to childhood, giving life to fauvist expressionist figures. His is a continuous search for signs of man in nature and his existence through the paintings that he faithfully reproduces. Figures with very strong colors, childish graphics, man’s joy of living but also tragedy in the making. One can find his works in museums, private collections, a documentation of his artistic activity at the ASAC of the Venice Biennale, as well as at the Ludwig Forum für Internationale Kunst Bibliothek Aachen. Davanzo features in the “La Pittura nel Veneto” series, il Novecento, Electa, Milano, 2010.